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13th Feb 2021

We love this mum’s very simple hack for fixing tangled Barbie hair

Trine Jensen-Burke

smoothing tangled Barbie hair

This will literally save me binning at least 15 Barbies.

I get why my daughter is obsessed with doing her Barbie dolls’ hair. It was my favourite thing to do with my Barbies when I was a little too. I would style and braid and colour and cut and use my crimping iron on their hair, and, inevitably, the hair would be so messed up and tangled, it was beyond saving. Or so I thought!

I recently came across this simple hack for smoothing tangled and matted Barbie hair one mum had discovered – and all that is needed is a product you no doubt have in your home already!

Ready to give Barbie back her smooth and shiny tresses? Go grab some fabric softener.

Grace Maree shared the incredible results of DIY hair treatment for her daughter’s Barbies after restoring the hairstyle of some gifted second-hand dolls.

She then took to the Facebook group, Mums Who Clean, to share the magic.

“I got gifted a couple of second-hand dolls for my daughter a couple of days ago and the hair was sort of matted, I remember seeing a five-minute crafts video about how to ‘unmatt’ them and holy sh*t,” Maree wrote.

“I mixed equal parts fabric softener with water – I did a cup of each, probably didn’t need that much – and soaked the hair for a couple of minutes then just gently brushed them out with a normal hairbrush, and then rinsed under warm water to get all the fabric softener residue out and left to dry overnight, and holy crap. It’s almost softer then my hair after a wash.”

Clearly, knotted Barbie hair is a problem many parents are familiar with, because Maree’s post quickly gathered more than 900 reactions and comments, with many praising Maree for sharing the DIY hair solution.

“My kids have so many mangled haired barbies! They can help me try this,” one mum wrote.

“I needed to hear this!!  I’ve been meaning to figure this out but mum life has meant I’ve been too busy! Thank you,” another one said.

To some mums, it wasn’t the first time they had heard about the trick, and could confirm it works.

“Fabric softener – don’t ask me how I know I have 4 girls so I’m a pro,” one experienced mother said.