Woman says she ends friendships when her friends become pregnant 3 years ago

Woman says she ends friendships when her friends become pregnant

Certain life changes can undoubtedly have an effect on even the closest of friendships, be it a new job or a move to somewhere far away.

Now an Australian writer has admitted that she cuts off friendships when she finds out a friend is having a baby.

Nadia Bokody from Sydney is an editor with women's website SheSaid and says that as one of the last remaining child-free women in her group of friends, she can feel her circle getting smaller.

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"It's not for lack of trying, but ultimately their priorities changed once there was a little human relying on them for every second of its life and the ability to drop everything and meet up for cocktails was simply impossible," she told Femail.

She said that it was bittersweet to hear recently that one of her close friends was expecting.

"Knowing how long she'd been trying and how much effort she'd gone to to get her life to a place where she was fully equipped to welcome a baby into the world with no regrets, my heart welled up with happiness for her.


"But I also experienced a deep and profound feeling of loss, because in that moment I knew our friendship was over."

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She says her friends understand that things are different after they start a family.

"Most of my friends who have had children actually readily acknowledge the fact that our friendships have dramatically changed as a result of their new life paths.

"Their children are their top priority, and I totally get that. I'm just glad we've been able to be honest about it."

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