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01st Feb 2020

Yikes! Parents are actually the WORST drivers, a new study has found

Trine Jensen-Burke

parents are the worst drivers

Those little monsters sure are distracting, no?

Look, parents, if you have ever thought to yourself that breaking up fights over Pokemon cards or trying to keep one child from breathing on or even looking at their screaming sibling while also trying to navigate rush-hour traffic is probably not the safest of driving conditions – you are, in fact, right.

According to Australian insurer, AAMI, parents are bad news in traffic, and the school run is where we are at our most dangerous, apparently.

Babyology writes that the latest AAMI Crash Index looked at a whopping 340,000 insurance claims, and found that over a quarter of all road incidents in Australia between 2018 to 2019 period happened between 1 pm and 4.30 pm — in other words, in and around school pick-up time.

“It’s frightening that so many road accidents are happening when children, our most vulnerable and inexperienced road users, are crossing roads in large numbers and congregating near bus stops,” AAMI’s spokesperson, Paul Sofronoff, said.

What this means, my fellow parents, is that basically, we are a disgrace when it comes to our road- and driving habits.

“The new data is in line with recent research that found parents are some of the most dangerous drivers on Australian roads, states a report from CarAdvice. “And more than half admitting to speeding or driving distracted with their kids in the car.”

Sleep-deprivation is partly to blame, reveals some studies, especially for new parents with babies and young children who still keep them up all hours of the night.

In fact, clinical psychologist at the Child and Adolescent Sleep Clinic in Australia, Professor Michael Gradisar, claims that really we need to start treating new parents like beginner drivers.

 “On the road, we become more alert when we see a learner driver or truck driver, but it might pay to be more aware around the parent driving with a child in the back seat.”

What do YOU think, parents? Do YOU find the kids distracting you while you are driving? Let us know in the comments or tweet us at @herfamilydotie