If you've got kids coming to your wedding, check out this company 1 year ago

If you've got kids coming to your wedding, check out this company

Weddings are a great occasion for bringing all the family together.

There are lots of young children in my family, so when I was planning my wedding two years ago, how to keep the kids entertained was very much at the forefront of my mind.

In the end, I booked a bouncing castle for the grounds, along with a slushie machine, candy table and an Instax camera for them to snap photos.

One Irish company spotted this gap in the market for children's wedding entertainment and are offering some great packages to keep the kids and their parents happy all throughout your wedding day.

Care Necessities provide children's entertainment for weddings and other formal occasions in Ireland.

Their basics packages include face painting, games, art and crafts and a mini disco.

They also have other packages tailored specifically for parents and children attending weddings with a morning service, entertainment service and overnight service.


More and more Irish couples are opting for children free weddings, but if like my family, most of your relatives have young children you risk many of them not being able to attend.

This service means that you can have an unforgettable wedding day that you've always wanted while including everyone in the family, even the tiny ones.