10 beautiful baby names that are inspired by our favourite colours 8 months ago

10 beautiful baby names that are inspired by our favourite colours

Inspiration can come from anywhere really when it comes to picking a name for your baby.

And right now, it seems, we are in the middle of a colourful name revival, where so many parents are letting their favourite hues guide them when it comes to naming their offspring.

There is Blue Ivy Carter, of course. Violet Affleck. And many many more.

The beauty of colour names is that they sound really artistic and fresh, and there are plenty of options to choose from.

Curious? Here are some of our favourites:

1. Indigo

We love this name AND colour!

2. Coral

Coral was first used as a name in the Victorian era, and this colour and nature-inspired name could be lumped in with similar names Pearl and Ruby, but it's not quite as popular yet. So get in there quick.


3. Alba

There is Jessica Alba, of course, but did you know that 'alba' actually also means white in Latin.

4. Jade

Mick and Bianca Jagger chose this precious green stone hue for their daughter in 1971, and we think it is still a smasher of a name.

5. Sienna

It's a shade, of course, but also our favourite boho fashion princess, Sienna Miller.

6. Blue 

Beyonce and Jay-Z's daughter is sure to inspire a whole generation of Blues if we give it enough time.


7. Amber

A beautiful golden hue and also one hell of a cute name.

8. Olive 

Drew Barrymore went with this lovely name (and hue) for her eldest daughter.

9. Saffron 

Fit for foodies, the name of this yellow spice is getting more popular by the day.

10. Sage

Another lovely herb/ colour name that is unisex and rising in popularity.