10 unique – but actually gorgeous – baby names inspired by IKEA (yes, really) 6 months ago

10 unique – but actually gorgeous – baby names inspired by IKEA (yes, really)

If you have ever shopped in Ikea (and are not closely familiar with the Scandinavian languages and geography) you might have pondered over some of the rather crazy-sounding product names?

Actually, IKEA's naming system is rather interesting, and follows strict guidelines of product and word category association.

Like, for instance, did you know that all their lights and lighting products are named after Scandinavian islands? Or that their chairs and fabrics are named after Scandinavian boys' and girls' names?

But while you might think it sounds a little out there to name your baby after an IKEA product (even if you are a mega-fan of the Swedish flat-pack emporium), please hear us out, there are actually some real gems to choose from!

Are you ready?

1. Emmie

If you like the name Emma (and a lot of people do judging by its popularity), chances are you will also love the slightly more Scandinavian Emmie (or Emmi). This adorable girl's name is also a pretty pink-striped fabric at IKEA.

TIP: You can also alternate the spelling with the more international-sounding Emmy (like actress Emmy Rossum)

2. Tobias


Tobias is originally a Greek name, but also hugely popular in Scandinavia. At IKEA, Tobias is also a clear modern dining chair available in a variety of hues.

3. Dorthy

Dorthy is a short spelling of Dorothy, and is a popular girls' name in Sweden. What it also is, is a charming floral pillow at IKEA.

4. Gregor

Gregor is short for the Russian name Gregorius (or, in English, Gregory). What it also is, is a woven desk chair at IKEA.

5. Sofia

Sofia is the Nordic spelling of the name Sophia, which is actually the most popular name for little girls all over the world. It is also the name of a pretty blue-and-white–striped fabric at IKEA. Oh, and did you know there is a Swedish Princess Sofia, by the way?!

6. Lilja


The word "Lilja" mean Lilly is Swedish, and is not only gorgeous as a name out in the real world, in IKEA, it is also the name of a very pretty set of bed linens.

7. Hermine

We all know the name Hermione, but what about its Norwegian counterpart, Hermine? Oh, and in IKEA terms, Hermine is a lovely warm plaid throw with pink hues.

8. Vinna

Names ending in the letter "A" have become increasingly popular lately and we think Vinna is a real winner. In IKEA, Vinna is part of their extensive kitchen collection, so perfect for your budding little cupcake baker, maybe?

9. Molger

Molger is the very popular step-stool from IKEA (found in homes across the globe), but we think it would also make for a one-of-a-kind cool baby boy name, no?

10. Elly

Elly is originally a shortened version of Eleanor, or even Ellen, but we love the much shorter and sweeter-sounding Elly. In IKEA, the name has been given to a lovely, green-hued kitchen towel.