14 celebrities on the crazy foods they craved when they were pregnant 5 years ago

14 celebrities on the crazy foods they craved when they were pregnant

Pickles, ice cream and strange sandwich combinations are all classic pregnancy cravings.

Preferably at really strange times or intervals. The bottom line; when it comes to a pregnant woman and her food desires, let nothing surprise you.

For me, it was Caesar salads. And it doesn't even stop there. It had to be the Caesar Salad from a particular TGI Friday's – miles away from the one I live beside. Nothing else would work. And I can say this because I tried Caesar salads pretty much everywhere else.

But if you, like me, feel like you went to great lengths (and distances) for your cravings, just take solace in this: We are not alone.

Here are what some famous Hollywood mamas found themselves lusting after when in the family way:

1. Jennifer Garner

When Jennifer was expecting little Seraphina, she admitted in an interview that she milked her pregnancy for all it was worth, making her handsome hubby get her chocolates and ice cream around the clock. "But to be honest, I love chocolate and ice cream whether I am pregnant or not, so it was probably not the pregnancy talking, it was just me."


2. Kristin Cavallari

The Hills alumni admitted recently that she just can't get enough of tacos when she is pregnant.

3. Halle Berry

When gorgeous Halle was expecting her little Nahla, she made her then-boyfriend Gabriel Aubrey make sure the kitchen was always stocked with fresh bread and plenty of pickles.

4. Christina Applegate

Applegate told talk-show host George Lopez of her pregnancy at the time: "I just have a craving for food in general, I don't even care what it is!" If pushed though, the Samantha Who star admitted that pancakes with ketchup would be a favourite.

5. Nicole Richie

When mother-of-two and fashion designer Nicole Richie was expecting her first child, husband Joel Madden talked about his wife's cravings in a radio interview: "It is not even WHAT she wants, but more WHEN she wants it." The Good Charlotte frontman admitted to having been sent out to a variety of petrol stations and fast-food outlets in the middle of the night when cravings hit.


6. Angeline Jolie

When Brad's ex-missus was expecting twins Knox and Vivienne in 2008 only one thing would do: Onion rings dunked in mustard.

7. Gwen Stefani

Stefani admits that her food preferences came in three categories when she was expecting her boys: Hot, hotter, hottest. "I never left the house without a bottle of Tabasco in my handbag".

8. Jessica Simpson

The pop star was scorned by the media for the amount of weight she put on when pregnant with daughter Maxwell Drew. But in fairness, when you are craving Pop Tarts with butter on top, weight gain is kind of a given...


9. Kourtney Kardashian

The eldest of the Kardashian sisters craved strong flavous when she was expecting little Mason Dash, Penelope Scotland and Reign Aston. "I couldn't get enough of spicy dips and cheeses".

10. Hillary Duff

The Disney Alumni admitted to feasting on marshmallows and Rice Krispies when she was expecting little Luca.

11. Beyonce

When Bey was expecting little Blue Ivy she HAD TO HAVE tomato ketchup. On everything. She has admitted to even dunking bananas in ketchup and squirting it over ice cream. Wow.

12. Victoria Beckham

When Posh was expecting little Harper Seven she was living in Hollywood - but could still not hide her English roots when it came to her pregnancy cravings: "All I wanted was marmalade on toast and milky tea!"

13. Tori Spelling

Chocolate, marshmallows and avocado - all together.

14. Jessica Alba

When little Haven was on the way, her famous mama could not get enough of this healthy treat: Watermelon. "Seriously, I could have killed for watermelon. All the time!" the actress and Honest Company founder told Jimmy Kimmel in a TV interview.

What did YOU crave when you were expecting, mamas? Let us know in the comments or tweet us at @Herfamilydotie