Rainbows, joy and new beginnings: 15 baby names predicted to dominate 2022 1 year ago

Rainbows, joy and new beginnings: 15 baby names predicted to dominate 2022

Good riddance, 2021!

And hello 2022 – boy, are we ready for you!

If you are expecting a baby in the new year, you might have started looking at names for your brand new bundle. According to baby naming websites, there are some very clear trends that are going to be big among new parents welcoming 2021 babies.

For instance, vintage names are a growing trend, with parents looking back to the 'good old days' when selecting a moniker for their modern-day baby.

The rainbow became a symbol of hope during those dark, scary lockdown days the past couple of years, and there is no denying that this will inspire many parents to go for a name inspired by colour and the rainbow when seeking inspiration for their baby’s name.

As well as this, it seems we are inspired by the elements too, with many mums and dads loving powerful names inspired by Mother Nature and elements like earth, wind, fire and water.

And last, but not least, 2022 (hopefully) represents the end of a really hard couple of years for everyone across the globe, so to celebrate the new year – and new beginnings – many parents are going to be opting for names that inspired hope, joy and positivity as we look the future.

15 baby names predicted to dominate 2022

If YOU are looking for some inspiration, here are 15 baby names set to be trending in 2022:


1. Mabel

Your granny would totally approve.

2. Chester

How dapper does Chester sound?!

3. Ada

Another vintage beauty of a name.

4. Atticus

This old Greek name means “from Attica”, a region that contained Athens.


5. Indigo

This is a unisex name, and also makes a great middle name. As a colour, the shade is a deep violet-blue.

6. Hunter

Hunter is a really deep, dark shade of green, and makes for one gorgeous baby name, no?

7. Iris

Iris means a rainbow of colour, and is also a really sweet name for a baby girl.

8. Sage

Another shade of green that will make a gorgeous moniker, we think.


9. Aura

Aura means light, and can also be a shorter version of Aurora – like the Northern Lights.

10. Ember

Inspired by the element of fire, this name means 'spark' or 'burning low.'

11. Enya

Enya means 'fire' in the Celtic language.

12. Zephyr

A powerful Greek name meaning west wind.

13. Haven

How joyful does Haven sound? A perfect choice for a 2021 baby, we think!

14. Kit

Short and sweet, the name Kit actually means 'hope.'

15. Hope

A name fit for a little girl born into a hopeful year.