20 wanderlust-inspired baby names for parents who love to travel 4 months ago

20 wanderlust-inspired baby names for parents who love to travel

Pregnant and have yet to decide on a name for your bundle?

How about naming your baby after a somewhere – you know, instead of a something or someone?

Seriously, think about it: There are so many beautiful places, cities and even countries that are just screaming out to also be used as a stunning baby name.

And if you're thinking it's a little out there, rest assured that many parents have gone down the destination route before you, so your little bundle will be in good company, with the likes of Brooklyn Beckham, Sienna Miller and Paris Hilton – to name a few.

In fact, here are ten more fabulous places to name your baby after:

Baby boy destination names


A city in the state of Arizona in the US, Phoenix means “deep red,” and is also the name of the colourful, mythical bird reputed to live for a thousand years before erupting into flames and then rising again from its own ashes. As far as boy names go, we think this is a pretty rock'n'roll one.



Without a doubt one of the best cities in the world. And an absolute cool moniker for your little guy.


Both an area of London and a street name right home here in Dublin, and regardless, a pretty perfect baby boy name.


Yes, of course, there is Orlando Bloom and the whole Pirates of the Caribbean factor, but Orlando is also the home of Disney World Florida, something we think any little boy will think is fairly cool.


Paxton means "peaceful settlement", and we love how this name can be shortened to the very cute-sounding "Pax".



Vibrant, colourful and amazing, Rio (after Rio de Janeiro) is one fabulous name.


A town in County Tipperary, the Rock of Cashel has a fascinating mythological backstory. We also love the shorter version, Cash.


A city in Texas, Austin is also a popular boy name in the US.


Victoria and David Beckham picked Brooklyn for their firstborn, but there are other boroughs in the Big Apple too.



The capital of Jamaica, and also the name of Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale's eldest son.

Baby girl destination names


A name picked from our home shores. And a cute one at that.


This beautiful name (Sienna Miller's sister is called Savannah, didn't you know?) is also a town in Georgia in the US, and reeks of Southern charm.



Because we reckon Paradise must be a pretty great place to be named after, no?


Sienna is a little over-used at this stage, but if you opt for Sierra instead, you are officially cool.


Warm, mystical, exotic and colourful; we think India is the perfect moniker for your little princess.


If Spain is your holiday destination of choice, why not honour that with this beautiful destination-inspired name?



A nod to the beautiful English countryside.


Greek and gorgeous, we think.


If Ella and Elsa both seem a little over-used of late, how about Elba? This little Mediterranean island off Tuscany, second in size only to Sicily and Sardinia, is most famous for being the site of Napoleon’s exile.


Who wouldn't want to name their daughter after the setting of the most famous romance the world has ever known?

What do YOU think? Would you ever go for a destination-inspired baby name? Or are you sticking to something more traditional?