6 things I DIDN'T bring in my hospital bag (and I really should have) 8 months ago

6 things I DIDN'T bring in my hospital bag (and I really should have)

Ah the hospital bag...

Once you get over that 20-week mark folk just ADORE asking if you have yours packed yet.

On both my pregnancies, the hospital bag (aka 'the HB') was a much revered topic for my friends and family.

Truthfully, I barely give it a second thought; so much so that the first time round, I forget to pack vests for my daughter, while during baby No.2, I didn't bring towels and had to dry myself off with the maternity dress I'd arrived in a few hours previously.hospital bag what to pack

So yeah, in fairness putting at least some forward planning in the HB is probably advisable.

The whole make-sure-to-bring-vests-and-nappies-and-cotton-wool-and-pads is fairly obviously (or at least, it is for most people). But there are less obvious gems that can make or break you once you and your little one are on that maternity ward.

Here are my recommendations...

1) Flip-flops


The shower that you have post-birth will be shower of your life. No shower will ever beat it. Ever. But do make sure to bring flip-flops.

2) Reading light

The light on your bedside will be too dark or too bright - and certainly it will dazzle your newborn as you feed. Popping a reading light into your bag is a god-send. They're really cheap to pick-up in the likes of Argos or Ikea - just make sure to get one that clamps onto the bed-frame.

3) Shower cap

Washing your hair in hospital is a bit of a pain. You'll want to do it once, sure, after labour. But if you're in for a few days you might want to have a second or third shower - without the effort of shampooing, brushing, and drying your tresses. Enter the shower-cap... allowing you to freshen up and get back to your baby.

4) Dark towels

Of course treat yourself to new fluffy towels... but leave them at home and use them once you're back. For hospital, stick to the navy or black varieties.

5) A pillow

No matter how good, bad, or indifferent your hospital bed is, your very own pillow from home will make all the difference.

6) Zip-lock bags

Pick up a load of them in the supermarket or Ikea, and pack away everything individually. Because when you're scrambling for vests or toiletries or accessories or small change in the middle of the night, having everything in its very own zip-lock bag might just save your sanity.