A 74-year-old woman has given birth to twins, likely making history 1 year ago

A 74-year-old woman has given birth to twins, likely making history

"This is a medical miracle.”

A 74-year-old woman has welcomed twins in India, most likely making history as the oldest woman to ever give birth.

Erramatti Mangayamma gave birth to two baby girls via C-section on Thursday in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh.

She had struggled to become pregnant naturally so opted to undergo IVF in her 70s.

Both mother and babies are doing well.

The Times of India reports that Mangayamma and her husband of 50 years had struggled to conceive during their earlier years.

They turned to IVF expert Dr Sanakayyala Umashankar last year who, despite the risks associated with the 74-year-old's age, decided to help the couple achieve their dream of becoming parents.

Mangayamma had already gone through the menopause, so doctors had to use an egg donor to continue with the process.


“She could not succeed in her attempts to conceive even after visiting several hospitals," said Dr Umashankar.

"Even after she attained menopause nearly 25 years ago, she had a strong desire to become a mother. She decided to try the method and approached us. We were surprised at her willpower.”

Mangayamma successfully became pregnant on the first round of IVF. She gave birth to her daughters in a private hospital this week.

Dr Umashankar called the birth a "medical miracle."

“Both the mother and babies are doing fine,” he said.  “Ten doctors worked for nine months to keep a close watch on her health.

"This is a medical miracle.”