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02nd Jul 2018

Amy Childs reveals how she gets rid of her stretch marks during pregnancy

Jade Hayden

bio oil

You’d almost try anything.

Stretch marks are almost a given when it comes to the female body.

Whether you’re pregnant or not, it’s fairly likely that you’ll end up with a few of them over the course of your life. They’re normal, they’re common, and they’re pretty much fine if you don’t mind them being there.

Sometimes though, people want to get rid of their stretch marks though and that’s grand too.

One of those people is mum-to-be Amy Childs.

Think this is going to be a very big baby ….. ???

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The reality star announced a few months back that she is expecting her second child. She was about 20 weeks along at the time meaning that she’s six and a half months pregnant now.

Expecting her baby in about 10 weeks time, Childs took to Instagram yesterday evening to talk a bit about her stretch marks.

She said that as a second-time mum, she was quite worried about getting a lot of them. She said she had tried everything to combat her stretch marks, including lemon juice, potato juice and egg whites.


Amy then went on to say that she started using Bio-Oil recently and that that’s been the best remedy for her.

Bio-Oil, as we’re all probably well aware, is a remedy that helps reduce the prominence of scars and stretch marks.

It’s fairly popular and cheap enough, retailing at around €18.00 in most pharmacies.

Happy place ?

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Amy said that the product had done wonders for her, claiming that her stomach was a lot bigger “…this time round and I have no stretch marks.”

Fair play, girl.

Other creams that have been lauded as great for reducing a stretch mark or two are Bepanthen Stretch Mark Cream, Burt’s Bees Mama Bee, and Clarins Stretch Mark Control.