Anna Kournikova criticised for 'unrealistic' post pregnancy body weight 4 years ago

Anna Kournikova criticised for 'unrealistic' post pregnancy body weight

Anna Kournikova is at the receiving end of criticism after sharing a work out video which other mothers feel is an 'unrealistic' view of postpartum weight.

She, and partner Enrique Iglesias, welcomed twins in December, a boy and girl - named Nicholas and Lucy. They somehow managed to keep the pregnancy secret for the whole 9 months.

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Now, Anna is after sharing a video of herself doing a floor workout with the words, 'back at it' included in the caption. She looks exceptionally well after carrying twins until December, which is why some people are annoyed that she would promote 'unrealistic' and 'unattainable' post-baby weight.

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People are not impressed with the pressure she is putting on other women to lose weight after pregnancy:

"This pisses me off! These people and their post baby bodies is an unrealistic goal for most people. Perks for her? She got money to spend on a trainer, nutritionist, and personal chef. Also having a gym in your own home while having a nanny or two to help is another advantage. us working class folk dont have those types of thibgs at our disposal. so how about you stop glamourizing these unattainable ridiculous post baby bodies. Start showcasing everyday women who work 10 times harder tovget what they have! they deserve the recognition. if someone never loses the baby weight they deserve recognition, if someone lost only half, they deserve it as well. If youve lost it all and it took you 5 years you deserve it also."

Others are coming to her defense:

"I can't understand women judging other women for their life choices! As if a woman is supposed to be "swollen/tired/in bed/with baby fat" for a year after??! Here's an example of my mother - she wasn't into sports, she was eating somewhat healthy but didn't follow any diets/meal plans, she had 2 pregnancies and she didn't remain in bed for months nor did she have baby fat or stretch marks. On the other hand, I know a woman down my street who was soooo skinny but she had some hormones complication during her pregnancy and she is overweight now. Every body is different. Every pregnancy is different."

"Yes ,you can look like her after a mounth after a baby.I was in the same shape a mouth (sic) after I gave birth to my doughter.And I didn't had a surogate.Some women recover very quicly.Her shape doesn't surprise me at all."