This app lets you create a time-lapse video of your growing baby bump 1 year ago

This app lets you create a time-lapse video of your growing baby bump

Do something with all those bump photos in your phone.

Ever looked at one of those cool pregnancy time-lapse videos online and wondered how you'd go about making your own?

Enter Pregmo.

The app was developed by a mum who also happens to work in computer animation.

Jasmine Katatikarn was inspired to create a visual record of her pregnancy after struggling with fertility issues for a number of years.

"I was so grateful when I had gotten pregnant after 6 years of trying that I knew I wanted to document it as much as I could," she told ScaryMommy.

She took a photo of herself almost every day for nine months and put it all together in one clip.

"When I shared the movie afterwards, I received so many messages asking me how I created it and how they could make one themselves," Jasmine said.

With this in mind, she created Pregmo so all expectant mums can make their own time-lapses.

"It truly is such a special thing to have and I wanted everyone to be able to easily create their own. Thus Pregmo was born."

Jasmine's daughter Teagan, who was the growing bump in the time-lapse is now almost two and is set to be a big sister.

Jasmine and her husband Matt announced they're expecting baby number two recently, so we can definitely expect another time-lapse from her.

You can check out Pregmo here if you're interested in making your own.