Ashley Graham just shared a photo of herself giving birth – and it is powerful 3 years ago

Ashley Graham just shared a photo of herself giving birth – and it is powerful

A labour of love.

Ashley Graham only gave birth to her son Isaac back in January, but the 32-year-old model has already proven that she is a mama that believes in keeping things real for her almost 11 million social media followers.

The candid mum has already shared pictures of herself both breastfeeding, pumping and changing explosive nappies – and we are loving her honest portrayal of new motherhood.

Graham's latest photo is nothing short of jaw-dropping and saw her fans – both famous and otherwise – praise her for what can only be described as a seriously beautiful image.


Captioning the image of herself screaming in pain mid labour, Graham wrote:

"This is the face of my greatest strength. The greatest pain I’ve ever known and the greatest accomplishment that I’ve ever achieved. On this International Women’s Day understand that despite whatever pain or trial we have all experienced as women, we are also strong, powerful and capable of accomplishing greatness. Happy International Women’s Day! Let’s all celebrate our, and each other’s strengths today."

The body-confident model no doubt shared the snap to mark International Women’s Day last weekend, and it didn't take long for her fans to comment on it.

Actress Amy Schumer said: “This pic made me cry.”

Another follower simply gushed: “This is the most beautiful thing I've seen in a long time.”