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05th May 2018

The awkwardly hilarious way Mindy Kaling hid her pregnancy while filming

Keeley Ryan

It turns out Mindy Kaling isn’t so good at hiding secrets.

At least, one secret in particular.

The actress was in the early stages of her pregnancy – around two weeks along – while she was filming Ocean’s 8. 

And with it still being too early to share her happy news with her co-stars, she was forced to think on her feet.

In a recent interview with the New York Times, Kaling – who welcomed her daughter late last year – said:

“I remember we went to dinner once when I was two weeks pregnant and I couldn’t tell anybody.”

After initially claiming it was due to superstition that sh didn’t share the news, her co-star, Sandra Bullock, replied:

“It’s not superstitious! You just don’t mention it until you’re the first trimester in.”

Kaling was forced to adapt quickly, fibbing that she was on antibiotics.

Bullock added:

“[Sarah] Paulson and I kept trying to get you to order a cocktail, and you’re like, ‘I’m on strict antibiotics.’

“And we’re like ‘What kind of antibiotic is that?’”

When she was challenged by her co-stars again, the soon-to-be mum began to “spin a web of lies”.

She said:

“Then I said they were antipsychotics.

“I had to spin a web of lies. I just wish I had been able to actually drink with them.”

Ocean’s 8 is due to arrive in cinemas in Ireland next month.