The baby boy names parents regretted picking the most 1 year ago

The baby boy names parents regretted picking the most

Some parents admitted they regretted the name they chose for their son.

There are so many lovely baby names out there.

Our list of favourite names is getting out of control, but what if you picked a name and later regretted it?

Many parents admitted that they've later regretted the name they chose for their child.

73% of parents said they later thought of a better moniker for their child after they were named.

A survey was conducted by discovered the names they most regretted.

Parents explained that the main reason they regretted their son or daughter's name was that it didn't suit their personality.

The boy names parents most regretted included Oliver and Tobias.

Check out the names below:



32% of parents who picked this name regretted it. The name Hunter means 'one who hunts'.


29% of parents that picked this moniker regretted their decision. The name Jaxon means 'son of Jack'.


This name means "he will rejoice" but 28% of new parents regretted picking this one.


This name means 'God is good' but of the 647 children given this moniker, 25% of parents wished they'd chosen differently.



5,390 boys were called Oliver, but 24% of parents later wished they'd chosen a different moniker for their son.


22% of parents that chose the name Grayson wished they didn't. Grayson means 'God's blessing'.


Felix may mean 'lucky', but 21% of parents who picked this moniker later found a name they wished they'd chosen.


The meaning behind Jasper is 'treasurer' which is just lovely, but the sweet meaning didn't stop 20% of parents regretting it.


This may be a cheerful moniker, but of all the parents who picked it for their baby, 17% regretted it.


12% of parents wish they didn't pick the name Dexter for their son. The meaning of this moniker is fortunate and we think it's actually quite sweet.