The top baby name trends for 2022 have been revealed 10 months ago

The top baby name trends for 2022 have been revealed

Bridgerton inspired names are rising in popularity.

If you're expecting a baby in 2022 then get your pen and paper out because the biggest baby name trends have been revealed.

NameBerry has confirmed the trends that are set to be hugely popular with new parents next year.

Bridgerton Names

It'll come as no surprise to hear that one of the biggest shows of the year has inspired the baby name trends.

Bridgerton inspired names are about to get a lot more popular in the New Year and you know what, we love this trend.

Names like Marina, Eloise, and Daphne for girls are actually quite sweet.

For baby boys, Benedict, Colin, and Simon will increase in popularity.

Just don't go calling your newborn Lord Featherington...


Nostalgic Names

These retro names are set to make a comeback and we're not surprised.

Prepare to see a lot of babies called Betty, Ned, and Dorothy being born in 2022.

Some of our favourites include Marjorie, Eleanor and Ruby.

For boys, Otis, Percy and Michael.

Names ending in 'S'

Parents will lean towards names ending with an 'S' in 2022. Nameberry confirmed these names are set to become hugely popular so why not consider one for your baby girl or baby boy?


Some of our favourite names for boys include Ellis, Innes and Jones.

For your baby girl, why not consider a name like Paris, Frances, Alanys or what about Eilis?

Traditional names like Jack, Emily, James and Grace will remain popular into the new year.

Parents will also lean towards names inspired by the Royal Family. Charlotte, George, Harry, Elizabeth and Kate are all growing in popularity.

Boys names like Liam, Noah and Charlie still make the top 10 list.

For baby girls, Sophie, Olivia, Amelia and Emma are still proving popular with new mums.

There's no doubt the name of Princess Beatrice's daughter will grow in popularity when the new mum announces her daughter's moniker too.