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02nd Sep 2018

17 baby names inspired by Netflix (and stolen from our favourite shows)

It's hard to pick a favourite!

Trine Jensen-Burke

If you, like us, spend a lot of evening hours glued to Netflix, be it because you are curled up in your coziest pj’s catching up on Gilmore Girls, or indulging in a little “Netflix and chill” with your other half, well then chances are you can’t help but be inspired by what you are watching. 

Yup – it’s a thing. Parents across the globe are more and more letting their favourite Netflix shows dictate what they end up naming their babies.

So whether you are a die-hard Suits fan (me too!), or love to get freaked out by Stranger Things or simply cannot get enough of Lorelei and the gang on Gilmore Girls, here are our pick of the most fabulous Netflix names right now:

1. Donna (Suits)

The most amazing and fabulous secretary in the world.

2. Harvey (Suits)

If you just can’t get enough of Harvey Specter (look, we’re with you on this one).

3. Lorelei (Gilmore Girls)

We love Lorelei – and her lovely, whimsical name.

4. Saul (Breaking Bad)

Saul Goodman, played by actor Bob Odenkirk, is the name of Walter White’s slimy lawyer in Breaking Bad.

5. Phoebe (Friends)

Now that every episode of Friends is on Netflix too, we can’t help but wonder will parents be reminded of just how much we all love Phoebe?

6. Rafael (Bloodline)

This gorgeous name belongs to one of the characters on the show Bloodline.

7. Piper (Orange is the new Black)

Orange is the New Black’s first season is built around the character Piper.

8. Joey (Friends)

Ah, good, old Joey – how YOU doin’?

9. Stella (Orange is the new Black)

Also a great name from Orange is the new Black.

10. Zane (Suits)

Although inspired by a girl’s name (Rachel Zane in Suits – played by none other than Meghan Markle, of course), we think Zane makes for one cool moniker for baby boys.

11. Zoe (House of Cards)

Zoe Barnes, played by Kate Mara, is a reporter hungry for a good story on the Netflix political drama House of Cards.

12. Jesse (Breaking Bad)

He might be a crystal meth cook and dealer, but we still love his name.

13. Nancy (Stranger Things)

On the series Stranger Things, Nancy Wheeler is a good girl with a crush on a boy she’s always assumed was way out of her league.

14. Eric (Bloodline)

Are you as hooked on Bloodline as we are yet?

15. Skyler (Breaking Bad)

Skyler White is played by actress Anna Gunn in Breaking Bad.

16. Luke (Gilmore Girls)

Luke Danes (you know, the narky, but adorable coffee shop guy) is one of the main character on Gilmore Girls.

17. Eleven (Stranger Things)

This might not be the most traditional name on the list, but there’s no doubt that Eleven — or “Elle” for short — is an unforgettable and powerful moniker.