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Baby names

06th Mar 2018

Couple reported to the authorities for giving their daughter this name

Authorities said it would be “contrary to the interest of the child.”

A couple in France were told that they couldn’t give their daughter the name Liam – as it  “would be likely to create a risk of gender confusion.”

The little girl, the anonymous pair’s third child, was born in November last year.

And when her parents tried to register the name, French prosecutors  stepped in and said that the moniker was “contrary to the interest of the child”.

According to The Local, the public prosecutor said that if the little girl was given the name Liam, it would “likely create a risk of gender confusion” and “could harm her in her social relations”.

They cited other high-profile Liams – like former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher and actor Liam Neeson – to support their argument.

The publication reports that the mum had already been advised to give the child “a more feminine middle name” by the registrar after she was born in November.

But the woman is said to have been alone at the time,and didn’t want to make such a decision without her partner.

The prosecutor has asked the judge to prevent the parents from using Liam as a first name and, instead, to give  “the child another name chosen by the parents and, failing that, by the judge.”

The anonymous parents have gotten the services of a lawyer. They have also postponed the date of their daughter’s baptism.

A date for the hearing has not been set.

Up until 1993, parents in France had to choose a name for their little one from a list of ones deemed acceptable by authorities.

The list was later scrapped under President François Mitterrand, but courts still have the power to ban names if they feel it is in the best interest of the child.

Nutella, Manhattan, Joyeux (Happy) and Fraise (Strawberry) have all been deemed unacceptable over recent years.