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12th Jun 2024

‘I named my baby after a Disney character – I don’t care if people hate it’

Sophie Collins

Baby name

A mum is receiving some backlash online over she revealed her baby’s name

It’s no secret that classic baby names are dwindling in popularity in favour of more unique name options for modern parents.

Traditional names like Liam, Sean, Matthew, Mary, Catherine and Eleanor are falling further down the ranks each year.

Parents are now opting for more individuality, sometimes referencing their favourite cities, characters, months or days.

There has been a huge rise in the number of babies being christened January, Winter, Sunday and so on.

For one mum, her unique choice for her baby girl put her in the firing line with online trolls calling her out for being ‘mad’.

Australian fitness and lifestyle blogger, Indy Clinton, had planned on calling her bundle of joy Paloma, but when she arrived into the world, opted for something completely different.

Clinton named her child Bambi, after the 1942 Disney Classic film.

Some of her followers praised her choice, while others insinuated that it was cruel to call a child something that wouldn’t suit her in adult life.

One person commented: “Are you naming humans that will be adults? Or kittens?”

Another said: “Imagine being in middle school with a Disney name?”

Others were more in favour of the choice and hit out at the trolling, as one person said: “People need to shut it. She can name her baby anything she wants. I think it’s adorable.”

A second simply said: “Congratulations! It’s a wonderful name for you baby,” while a third added, “So happy, love the name.”

Explaining her choice, Indy said that her little girl’s “sweet, curious nature” and “big brown eyes” reminded her of the beloved Disney character.

We think it’s such a sweet name, would you ever name your child after one of your favourite characters?