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Baby names

29th Jun 2024

‘My cousin named her child Lylyt Yvyh Yryhl – the pronunciation has baffled me’

Ryan Price

Now that’s a tongue twister if we’ve ever seen one.

A Reddit user has shared the story of how her cousin named her newborn baby a very unusual name with a ‘baffling’ pronunciation.

The Redditor, who goes by the username @Notjimhawkins, described her surprise when she heard the name in a popular thread called r/tragedeigh.

She wrote: “My family is what I would call ‘quirky’ because they’re kinda problematic and using the right term would definitely offend them.

“Recently, my cousin gave birth to a baby girl and she shared photos on her Facebook page. She then sent that Facebook post to our family group chat.

“Her daughter’s name is Lylyt Yvyh Yryhl, read as ‘Lilith Eva Uriel’. I was laughing my ass off when I read it and she said she wanted her child to be ‘cool and unique’,” she continued.

“I replied ‘r/tragedeigh‘ and she did not understand it until a younger member of the family explained what my response was.

“She then told me my name is s**ttier and my parents aren’t creative that’s why I have a ‘basic ass’ name (my parents were in the conversation too, btw).”

The post received over 5,000 responses, and over 40,000 views overall.

One Redditor wrote: “That’s nearly impossible to read and decipher. Your cousin may be livid but you’re absolutely right.”

“I would probably just bluntly say, ‘Sorry, my mother was an idiot,'” another commented.

Other people shared similar stories from their own lives.

“There is a girl named Jqlyn at my work,” one user wrote. “She is part way through getting it legally changed to Jacqueline. The visible disgust when she has to explain that her mother was quirky and had to use her daughter as an accessory to flaunt that is very telling.

“Most of these poor children seem to grow up resenting their parents.”

Other people couldn’t resist cracking a few jokes at the newborn’s expense.

“She sounds like she was named after an eye exam chart,” said one user.

Another joked: “She has a Y making a different sound in all 3 names.”

A user with the handle @Forsaken-Jump-7594 wrote: “This is a name only an author of teenager webnovels about magical aristocrat’s romances could think of.”