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Baby names

28th Jun 2024

Ten beautiful baby names inspired by the month of July

Sophie Collins


The month of July is here, and lots of soon-to-be mums will be preparing to welcome their new addition to the family

With its warm, sunny days and vibrant celebrations, it serves as a wonderful source of inspiration for names. 

Here are ten names inspired by the month of July:

Julia- A classic name that directly ties to the month of July.

Julian – Another name that shares its roots with July.

Julius – Named after Julius Caesar, who the month is named after.

Ruby – The birthstone for July.

Summer – Reflecting the season of July.

Skye – Representing the clear skies often seen in July.

Sunny – Capturing the bright, sun-filled days of July.

Leo – The zodiac sign that begins in late July.

Lark – A bird often associated with summer and freedom.

Coral – Reminiscent of the coral reefs and beaches enjoyed during July holidays.

Each of these names carries a piece of July’s spirit, making them perfect choices for those who want a name that embodies the warmth and vibrancy of this summer month.