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01st Sep 2016

The Top 20 Most REGRETTED Baby Names Of All Time Are Here

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Have you ever regretted the name you gave your baby?

Naming a bump is a lot harder than it looks. Nothing reveals how many people you and your other half dislike quite like trying to choose a baby name.

New research surveyed 1,362 people and found that 18% of people wished they had opted for a different baby name.

32% said they regretted choosing their baby’s name within the first six weeks of the birth while 23% said it was when their child started preschool that the change of heart came about.

Interestingly, one in 50 even went on to completely change the baby’s name by deed poll.

According to The Telegraph, a number of reasons were given for regretting the names given to their children.

“It just doesn’t feel right” – 21%

“I have never liked it – I was pressured into using it” (20%.)

Additional reasons included:

“It’s not distinctive enough”

“It causes him/her problems with spelling/pronunciation”

“It doesn’t suit him/her”

“Everyone calls him/her by a shortened version of the name, which I don’t like”.

One name that was listed was Elsa with the child’s mother regretting her decision to name her daughter after the main character in Disney movie Frozen. Metro helpfully compiled a list of the most commonly regretted name choices. 

The Top 20 Most REGRETTED Baby Names Are Here (in fairness some of these are gorge!):

1. Amelia
2. Alex
3. Anne
4. Anthony
5. Charlotte
6. Daniel
7. David
8. Emily
9. Frederick
10. Jack
11. Jacob
12. James
13. Jay
14. Jayne
15. Joseph
16. Lily
17. Louise
18. May
19. Oscar
20. Ruby

Did YOU have any second thoughts about your baby names? Tell us in the comments…


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