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15th Nov 2020

The beautiful birth video that will ease all your fears about labour


Trine Jensen-Burke

The most powerful, defining, super-human moments of my life were the two times I gave birth.

When I was first pregnant, I remember feeling a little scared of birth – it seemed so frightening and messy and painful (judging by what I had heard and every birth scene in every movie I had seen).  I remember looking at women I passed on the street or in the supermarket who were pushing buggies or toting a baby in a sling, thinking “well, she survived it” meaning hopefully I’d be OK too.

Giving birth will somewhat always be a little shrouded in mystery, I think. Only those who have actually gone through it will know what it is like, and all the movies and episode of “One born every minute” in the world can not really tell you what it like until you are in the throes of labour yourself.

Which is why it seems a little scary – the unknown often is. But I wish someone had told me some of the reasons why I should be so excited, not scared, about birth before I gave birth myself. Because, yes it was painful (not too much, but a bit), but it was also the by far most amazing and empowering feeling I have ever felt. That rush, when you can actually feel the baby come out from your own body and the midwife hands it to you, all warm and new and perfect – there really are no words to describe it, it has to be experienced.

Birth, mama, birth is beautiful – and if you are pregnant now (or planning to be soon) and have felt a little daunted or scared, even, at the thought of it, this video will no doubt feel a little less so.

Just look at this mama – women are amazing.