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29th Jun 2018

‘Belly masks’ for pregnant bellies now exist and we need them ASAP

Jade Hayden

The 10 thing no pregnant woman wants to hear, ever

Ever used a belly mask?

No? Us either.

We didn’t even know they existed until right this second but now that we do we absolutely need to get our hands on one.

If you, like us, hadn’t a clue what a belly mask was, it’s basically a face mask but for a pregnant belly.

The belly masks offer the same benefits that regular sheet masks for your face do – they’re hydrating, they’re soothing, they reduce inflammation, and they can heal damaged cells.

According to Hatch Mamas, the sheet masks can also reduce stretch marks on pregnant bellies too so we can imagine they’ll absolutely be flying off the shelves.

The masks contain aloe vera which soothes and reduces inflammation and propolis that helps rebuild damaged skin cells and can fade scars.


You apply a belly mask in a similar way one would a face mask – by ensuring the skin is dry, placing the sheet’s hole over your bellybutton, and smoothing it all the way over your stomach.

Hatch Mamas then suggest that you then chill out, listen to a podcast, and read a book or something.

The product can also be used postpartum too, so if you’ve got a few left over after baby’s here you can still get a bit of use out of them.

The masks are currently being sold for $12 each which, yeah okay, is probably more than we’d shell out for a face mask but if it soothes that belly skin, we’re willing to give it a go.