Binky Felstead praised for 'real and honest' postpartum selfie 5 years ago

Binky Felstead praised for 'real and honest' postpartum selfie

Binky Felstead has been praised for her "real and honest' postpartum selfie.

The new mum said that women shouldn't be expected to bounce back after giving birth and that a lot of the time, the pressure to "look great and get on with a normal life" can make recovery even worse.

On a lengthy Instagram post, she wrote:

"The pic on the left is me eight weeks after giving birth, when I first stepped back into the gym for some GENTLE exercise.

"I’m swollen and puffy, but that’s normal guys! Let’s start being a bit real and honest about what our bodies look like after a baby."

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Felstead went on to explain that she wasn't in the gym to lose weight, but as part of a postnatal recovery programme that she had been recommended.


She said her pelvis had been weakened during child birth and that the programme would help speed up the recovery process and encourage her core to become "functional" again.

"I know I’ve been lucky," she wrote.

"As compared to a lot of women, my recovery has been relatively easy.

"But even if things feel or look like it’s all OK, it’s still important to take care of your body and give it time to do it’s thing and heal."

Binky gave birth to her first daughter India last June.

Instagram users have praised the 28-year-old for her "honest" depiction of postpartum bodies.

They also said that she looked "amazing" in both pictures.