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12th Apr 2017

Breaking: Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are expecting their first child

There is a baby boom happening in The Hills.

Lauren Conrad is doing it. So is Whitney Port. And Audrina has already beat the two of them to it – motherhood, that is.

And now it is Heidi Montag’s turn, who, in an exclusive interview in the newest edition of US Weekly, can excitedly reveal that she is expecting her first baby with husband Spencer Pratt.

Inside the magazine, the pair, who have been married since 2009, share the moment they found out.

It was an early morning, apparently, and Spencer, 33, admits he was still half asleep when we woke to find Montag, 30, “just standing there.”

“The look on her face, I can’t even describe it,” Pratt explains. “She was literally glowing. I thought she was about to say she made muffins or banana bread.”

And while no banana bread happening, there was definitively a bun in the over.

“Heidi said, ‘I’m pregnant,’ ” continues Pratt. “I was like, ‘Whoa, that’s way more exciting than banana bread!’ ”

As for the mama-to-be, Montag, who is 12 weeks along and due October 19, tells Us she felt “overwhelmed” in the moment: “I started crying, and he embraced me.”

The couple also goes on to reveal they got pregnant on their first attempt at making a baby – and that this marks an exciting new chapter in their lives.

“I wanted a baby three years ago,” Heidi explains. “But Spencer was a little hesitant. Then one thing after another came up. And now I’m actually thankful we waited.”

Her husband agrees.

“Agreed. I think I’m ready. I know Heidi is ready!”