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21st Mar 2017

The bump bowl is our new favourite newborn photo trend

Amanda Cassidy

What a cute idea! That is also really useful.

Birth and newborn photography is as popular as ever, but it is nice to find something that’s a bit different and means something.

That’s why we loved this new idea of making a “bump bowl”

The idea is that you take a cast of your bump when you are pregnant and then use it as a prop for when your little one arrives.

Check out birth photographer, Jocelyn Conway’s idea of bump bowls.

What happens is that expectant mums head along to Photojos Photography (which is, unfortunately for us, located in Liverpool) at 34-36 weeks to get the cast made.

After the birth, the mother and baby return for their first shoot during which the baby is placed in the bump cast, which the family can keep as a memento.

Here are just a few examples of the beautiful images that Jocelyn produces…





If baby bowls don’t sound like your sort of thing, check out these placenta prints and umbilical cord keepsakes.

All images via PhotoJos