Carrie Underwood reveals she has three miscarriages in two years 2 years ago

Carrie Underwood reveals she has three miscarriages in two years

"I was just sobbing."

Carrie Underwood has spoken out about her difficulties having a child, revealing that she suffered three miscarriages over two years.

Carrie is already mum to three-year-old son Isaiah with ice hockey player husband Michael Fisher.

She announced earlier this summer that the couple are expecting their second child.

Speaking to CBS, the singer said that the couple had planned to have their second child in last year but that they lost the baby.

"We got pregnant early 2017, and didn’t work out," she said.

She went on to suffer another miscarriage last year and one this year and admitted that she became "angry" with God right before finding out that her current pregnancy was fine.

"I was just sobbing," she said. "I was like, 'Why on earth do I keep getting pregnant if I can't have a kid?'"


"What is this? Either shut the door or let me have a kid.

"For the first time, I feel like I actually told God how I felt.

"That was like a Saturday - and the Monday I went to the doctor to, like, confirm, another miscarriage. And they told me everything was great."

Carrie also said that it was difficult to have to hide her grief over the miscarriages while she was working.

"I would literally have these horrible things going on in my life, and then have to go smile and, like, do some interviews or, like, do a photo shoot or something."