Mum admits she wants to change her 4-month-old's name because it's too popular 2 weeks ago

Mum admits she wants to change her 4-month-old's name because it's too popular

Is 4 months too old to change a baby's name?

Picking a name for your baby takes quite a lot of time. It's one of the most important decisions you'll make before you become a parent, but would you ever change your baby's name? What happens if you opt for one moniker but end up hating it when your child is a couple of months old? Should you bite the bullet and change it? Or should you accept it and leave it?

One mum faced this very dilemma after the birth of her baby girl. She explained to Reddit that she and her husband struggled to choose a baby name that they both liked. When their daughter was born, the pair still hadn't chosen a name and when they did, the woman's in-laws slated the decision.

They eventually decided on one after a lot of pressure and now the mum has admitted she doesn't like it, at all.

She told the online forum, "My daughter is nearing 4 months old and I've been struggling with significant name regret since bringing her home from the hospital."

"We picked a name in the final hour before discharge"

The mum explained that her husband vetoed all of her favourite names which made the decision even harder than it needed to be. They eventually decided to call their little girl Sofia, but the mum wants to change it, despite the fact that her daughter is now 4 months old.

"We picked a name in the final hour before discharge after much pressuring from hospital staff and went with Sofia since it was the only name that neither of us hated and liked a bit."

She explained, "I should love the name as it fits many of my name requirements: elegant, feminine, having a strong meaning and rich history, and suitable with an Italian last name. The problem is that popularity almost ruins it for me."

The mum said they're constantly meeting other children with the same name and now it doesn't feel as special as it should for her little girl. It's bothering the mum so much that she's considering changing her daughter's name completely.

But is it worth the hassle and effort?

"I adore my son's names and I just wanted my daughter to have an equally wonderful name. My husband is not against a name change but thinks it is a bit strange to do so and worries about what other people will think," the mum shared.

Many people agreed that changing her name at this stage will be worth it. It's not like her daughter is a toddler or even an adult so changing her name won't affect her as much at this stage of her life.

Would you change your child's name or would it be worth the effort?


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