Mum admits she changed baby boy's name after 6 months- would you do the same? 1 week ago

Mum admits she changed baby boy's name after 6 months- would you do the same?

Have you ever wanted to change your child's name?

There are far too many baby names to choose from.

The list of potential names for my future mini-mes is growing rapidly and I honestly don't know how I'm going to whittle it down.

Deciding on just one name can feel impossible, especially when there are so many adorable options out there.

One mum admitted she changed her son's name after six months and we can see why she did it.

She explained to Mumsnet that she originally called her baby boy Ralph when he was born.

Six months down the line, the mum decided to change her son's moniker.

“I changed my baby's name from Ralph to Huxley when he was six months old. I just felt his name didn't fit.


"I was quite surprised at the reaction I got from family and friends. Has anyone else done this or is thinking about doing this?”

“I just think if you are unsure about your child's name you should do something about it," she said.

Many women agreed with the mum. If changing it makes her happier then what harm is she doing?

However, others sided with her family and couldn't believe she changed it after six months.

One mum confessed she wish she did this when her daughter was younger.

“I wish I had done this too. My dd is nearly three and I am still not comfortable with her name.”

The mum said this change may have been a controversial decision, but both she and her husband love his new moniker.

She explained that: “Before the age of one you can just get the birth certificate amended but after one you do it by deed poll but this is also easy to do.”

Do you wish you changed your son or daughter's moniker?