Looking for the best Baby names of 2015? This will help 5 years ago

Looking for the best Baby names of 2015? This will help

It's a struggle – choosing your baba-to-be's name, and worse when you have to compromise with your partner. When technology lends a scientific hand to make the process a little easier, we're all ears.

Enter: 'Baby Name' – the coolest app on the market. This tinder-inspired app means finding a name for your baby can be as much fun as making the baby (well, almost).

The app prompts you with unique, traditional, contemporary, themed, vintage or Celtic names of the current year, and you simply swipe your favourite. Simple as. The app allows you to tailor your choices depending on your geographical location too. Pretty slick, eh?

You connect with your partner online and swipe through the names that appear on the phone screen to make a positive or negative choice. That choice is stored. Your partner follows the same process.

The choice you both (finally) agree on may be something you never thought you would. If that still doesn't help... read this.

Here is the Android and Apple Download.


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