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11th Dec 2018

Congrats! Alex Jones is expecting her second baby

Jade Hayden

Alex Jones has announced that she is expecting her second baby.

The BBC One presenter dropped the news this week through The One Show’s Twitter as she shared an adorable message to viewers.

This will be Alex’s and husband Charlie Thompson’s second child following the birth of baby Teddy last year.

Speaking on the video shared last night, the presenter said:

“So we’ve got a little bit of news – Charlie and I are expecting another little baby in the new year, a little brother or sister for little Teddy.

“I didn’t know when to tell everybody and when to share the news, I was a bit nervous about it and I didn’t want to do it too soon.”

She went on to say that, despite this, she couldn’t keep the news to herself any longer and simply had to let everybody know.

She said:

“But as every mum will know, you get to a certain point and you just pop! I’ll show you… which is what’s happened.

“Look – this weekend, there it is, there’s no hiding it any more. But I’m quite glad actually, because now I can just breathe out and I can eat all of the Christmas food.”

Alex and Charlie welcomed baby Teddy in January of last year.

She later said that she was “deluded” to think that she could have went back to work so soon afterwards.

“I went back too soon. I was still trying to feed going back to work,” she said.

“After the meeting, I’d try and express, then go into the rehearsal, and go back and try and express a little bit more, and my milk was in the fridge with all the food being given to the guests.

“I was completely deluded. I was like, this is not working and this is a nightmare.”