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30th May 2018

Congrats! Brigitte Nielsen is expecting her fifth child

Jade Hayden

brigitte nielsen

Brigitte Nielsen is expecting her fifth child.

The actor, model, and singer announced the news on her Instagram page recently, saying that her family was “getting larger” and that she was experiencing some “positive vibes.”

The former Playboy model shared two photos of herself posing featuring her baby bump.

She appears to be about eight months pregnant.

The actor, who is best known for her roles in Rocky IV, Cobra and Beverly Hills Cop II, originally announced the news two days ago by sharing another photo of herself appearing to be pregnant.

However, people have only started talking about Brigitte’s expected baby this evening, so we suppose today must have been her intended day to drop the news.

Nielsen married Sylvester Stallone in 1985 and the pair eventually divorced in 1987.

She has been married to Italian producer Mattia Dessì since 2006 and was also previously married to Raoul Meyer, Sebastian Copeland, and Kasper Winding.

Dessí is her fifth husband and this will be her first child with him.

54-year-old Nielsen has four other children too.

She and husband Dessí have been vocal enough about their relationship since they got together back in 2006.

However, the actor appears to have been hiding her bump as of late due to the fact that her pregnancy was virtually unknown of until now.