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24th Sep 2018

Congrats! S Club 7’s Hannah Spearritt is expecting her first child

Jade Hayden

hannah spearritt

Hannah Spearritt is expecting her first child.

The S Club 7 singer recently revealed that she and boyfriend Adam Thomas were going to be parents, saying that at the beginning of the pregnancy she worried that she was going to lose the baby.

Spearritt experienced two miscarriages with another partner a couple of years ago.

Speaking to OK! magazine, she said:

“I had one a few years previously with another partner. They both happened early on in the pregnancies, around the five-week mark.

“It’s such an upsetting thing so it’s made it hard to relax this time. Going through all that makes this pregnancy even more special, though.”

She also said that she felt “lucky” that she and Adam were able to experience this pregnancy together.

The pair started dating after Spearritt’s engagement to Andrew-Lee Potts ended in 2013. Prior to this, she also had a five year long relationship with fellow S Club 7 member, Paul Cattermole.

After the band split up, Spearritt turned her attention to acting.

She has appeared in many popular UK dramas such as Casualty and EastEnders. 

She and boyfriend Adam are expecting their first baby in December of this year.