Countdown: 5 ways to prepare... when you're already past your due-date 4 years ago

Countdown: 5 ways to prepare... when you're already past your due-date

Okay, so African elephants carry their offspring for two years before giving birth, but at 40 weeks, human pregnancies can be pretty lengthy too.

And unlike the average African elephant, a mum-to-be can't exactly spend the final weeks of her pregnancy sloshing about in the local watering hole.

If this is your first time at the rodeo, the fact is only about four per cent of women give birth on their estimated due date so be prepared to play the waiting game.

Here are five fun ways to occupy your time while you're waiting for the first signs of labour:

1. Get a pedicure

Pregnancy is tough on your feet. Make the most of the time you currently have to spend entirely on you and book the best pedicure you can afford. Cooling mint creams and a masterful foot massage will make you feel like you've had a decent night's sleep.

2. Prep some make-ahead meals

Spend an afternoon making a few of your favourite meals and freezing them to enjoy during those hectic first weeks after baby arrives. Not only is it cheaper than relying on takeaways (or the odd biscuit) for sustenance, it's also much healthier.


3. Dig out some old baby photos

Who will the new baby look like? Everybody will have an opinion, but having some baby photos of yourself and your partner to hand for a quick comparison can be fun during visits, especially for grandparents.

4. Put together a labour playlist

Music can help relax you when things get moving. Plan a list of tracks that make your feel chilled out, excited, happy and powerful.

5. Plan a fun date with your older kids

If this isn't your first baby, use this precious time to really connect with your other children before baby comes. Just a trip to the local cake shop, a morning spent baking goodies in the kitchen or a cinema trip can make them feel happier and more secure ahead of the new arrival.

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