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11th Oct 2018

Couple’s Halloween maternity photoshoot is both terrifying and hilarious

Jade Hayden

halloween maternity

Weren’t expecting that, were you?

When you discover you’re expecting a baby, there are a couple of things you tend to do.

Tell your friends and family the happy news is one thing. Start buying some maternity clothes is another. Thinking about baby names is also an activity that most parents-to-be will engage in at some stage.

Some couples, however, like to conduct Halloween themed pregnancy photoshoots based on a very memorable scene from 1979 cult movie, Alien. 

Because yeah, why not?

One of those couples is Todd Cameron and his wife, who are currently expecting a child together.

But instead of simply taking some pictures to mark the fact that they were going to be welcoming a baby instead, they enlisted the help of photographer Li Carter to take this set of photos instead.

This is them.

It all starts off pretty peaceful as the pair lie around in a pumpkin patch.

Pretty normal.

Pretty nice.

And then things start to go awry.

And continue to do so.


An alien emerges.

Yeah. We know.


Todd then chases the alien across the pumpkin patch.

Eventually catching it.

And bringing it back where its parents embrace it.


Just beautiful.