Deliveroo and Scoop has created ice cream inspired by pregnancy cravings – and we want it 2 years ago

Deliveroo and Scoop has created ice cream inspired by pregnancy cravings – and we want it


If you are currently pregnant and having some rather strange and strong cravings – or know someone who is – this is for you.

Deliveroo has teamed up with Scoop to create ice cream inspired by pregnancy cravings – and honestly; how has no-one thought of this before?!

In their Deliveroo Lockdown Baby Boom Survey, it was revealed that pregnant Irish mums craved things like chocolate, ice cream, cheese and even a full Irish breakfast the most. And to help a craving mama out, Delivery and Scoop Dessert Parlour has now teamed up – and created the treats of dreams for any pregnant ladies out there.

And with the National Maternity Hospital preparing for a 10 percent rise in new births early next year due to lockdown fever according to Mary Brosnan, Director of Midwifery and Nursing, it looks like the unique desserts will be popular over the coming months and weeks!

The famous flavologists at Scoop studied the data and have created the Chocolatey Cheese Board Gelato, a chocolate Gelato base loaded with wonderful cheeses and Autumn fruits including Brie, Gorgonzola, Camembert and a mixed dried fruit blend.

To satisfy the full gamut of craving, Scoop has also come up with what could just be the perfect breakfast, Bacon and Eggs ice cream.  An egg custard gelato loaded with candied bacon kicking the day off to a great start - at least for some ladies.

 Speaking about their latest launch, Arabella Jenkins at Deliveroo explains:

“Mums-to-be deserve a treat any time, but more than ever in lockdown, and Deliveroo is delighted to collaborate with Scoop to create this gestation spectacular.”

“Cold, comforting ice cream is a common craving during pregnancy, so we’re delighted to bring our expectant customers something extra special in partnership with Deliveroo," says Redmond Kennedy, Owner of Scoop.

"These flavours might sound weird to some, but pregnancy cravings are a thing of their own.”

The unique ice cream will be available for a limited time from Deliveroo, with Sunday 25th October (or until stocks last the last day).

Priced at €3.50 per scoop, we think every mommy-to-be deserves a taste!