'It’s a very different pregnancy': Jennifer Zamparelli on baby number two 3 years ago

'It’s a very different pregnancy': Jennifer Zamparelli on baby number two

There's no comparison.

Everything is new when you're pregnant with your first, so you'd think your second pregnancy would be a breeze.

You reckon you know what to expect but it can be a totally different kettle of fish, as Jennifer Zamparelli has been finding out.

The radio host, who is mum to three-year-old Florence, announced she and her husband Lau were expecting their second child back in August.

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"There’s no yoga classes and long walks and thinking what’s the baby going to look like," she told the Mirror of the second time round.

"You don’t have time for snoozes during the day so it’s a very different pregnancy. It’s weird, it’s almost an inconvenience."

Being a mum already has given her a different perspective as she looks forward to baby number two.


"I have this fear; how can I love a baby like the one I already have?," she said.

Her daughter is also gearing up to be a big sister, which Jennifer reckons she'll love - if not straight away.

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"Florence thinks there’s a baby in her tummy," she said.

"It’s so embarrassing because she just runs up to random kids in the street and asks them to play with her.

"She’s like 'there’s one, Mammy'; she loves company and loves other kids, she gets it off her daddy as he’s really sociable.

"So I think she’ll really appreciate when this one comes, as she’ll have a pal, she might not appreciate it at the beginning but down the line she will."