A doctor went into labour while delivering her patient's baby 9 months ago

A doctor went into labour while delivering her patient's baby

Her baby was four weeks early.

A pregnant OB-Gyn doctor in America got a massive shock when she went into labour while delivering a patient's baby.

Dr Emily Jacobs, 28, who works at University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics, initially thought that her patient's water had broken, when it was actually her own.

She toldĀ ABC News:

"I noticed what I thought was amniotic fluid of the patient as the baby was delivering.

It wasn't until I left the room when I realised that it was my water that had broken.

I was freaking out a little bit because we were still seeing patients and [my supervisor] just kind of smiled and told me to go back in one of the triage rooms and wait for her to confirm that it was my water."


After moving to another room, it was confirmed that she was indeed in labour and little Jett was born shortly afterwards. She says that the experience has made her more empathetic towards her patients.

She added:

"It's definitely made me more empathetic and more aware of what it's like going through some pregnancy complications. People will come in preterm labour often... very worried about the health of their baby and health of themselves. Until I went through it, I can definitely appreciate just how worried and nervous you get."