Due in the next month? 10 fiery names for your little Aries baby 10 months ago

Due in the next month? 10 fiery names for your little Aries baby

Waiting for an Aries baby? You better buckle up, parents.

Babies born between March 21 and April 19, are born under the sign Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, and therefore known to be full of all the energy and dynamism of new beginnings.

Oh, and they also tend to be stubborn, headstrong and have an intense need to be in charge.

With warrior Mars as their ruling planet, brave and courageous Aries are also bold, determined, and fearless, like the ram that represents their sign.

Wondering what to call your little boss baby? Here are some monikers that might just be perfect:

1. Neci

For a girl

In Latin, this name means “intense and fiery”—in other words, the perfect Aries name.

2. Arden


For a boy

This Latin name means "eager, ball-of-fire" – and we think that might be just perfect for your little Aries.

3. Nova

For a girl

Nova means new, meaning it is the perfect name for someone born in the very first sign of the zodiac circle.

4. Ewan

For a boy

This Irish name means "young warrior" and we think it is pretty perfect.


5. Amelia

For a girl

This gorgeous German name means "eager, striving" which might just be qualities your little March/April baby possesses.

6. Leo

For a boy

Fiery, strong and protective – your little Aries summed up in one name. Oh, and surely it's never a bad thing to share a moniker with DiCaprio...?

7. Wyatt

For a boy or girl


This name means: “hardy, brave and strong,” and is now universally unisex thanks to Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher’s daughter.

8. Thaddeus

For a boy

A Greek name means "courageous" – and you can call him Thad for short!

9. Kali

For a girl

Cute name but be warned: Kali is the Hindu goddess of destruction, the fierce side of the goddess Devi.

10. Ruby

For a girl

A gemstone associated with Aries, this beautiful name is perfect for an Aries baby.