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27th Jun 2022

Expecting mum says she debating with husband about when to shop for their baby

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When did you start shopping for your baby?

When you’re expecting your first baby everything is a mixture of excitement and questions.

What hospital should you attend? What baby names do you like? What kind of birth would you like to have?

One question in particular that I see come up a lot is when to start shopping for baby supplies.

You don’t want to start filling the house too early but you also don’t want to leave it too far into your last trimester as sometimes babies like to make an early appearance.

I recently saw this question on a parenting group that I’m in;

“When did you start purchasing baby things?

My husband and I are having a debate. When is the right time to start buying baby stuff? He thinks we should wait until I am around six months but I think we should start buying stuff now, and I am 12 weeks.

When did you start? I think it’s better to be prepared.”


Some mums were of the opinion that the sooner the better;

“I bought wash ironed and stored everything my babies needed by the time I was 6 months, because when you get towards the end of your pregnancy it can be tiring especially if you already have other children and commitments. Enjoy and think positively, Good Luck.”

“We started around 6 weeks, after seeing her in the ultra sound and seeing proof of her little heart beating.”

Others thought that it’s better to wait a little while into the pregnancy before buying anything reminding the mum that she might receive lots of gifts;

“Don’t go crazy buying a ton of stuff because people tend to be very generous whenever they find out you’re having a baby. You could go ahead and make a registry of all the items you want/need!”

This is pretty good advice as we received so many gifts from friends and family on both of my pregnancies.

Personally I think mid way through your second trimester is a good time to start picking up the things that you’ll definitely need but I know when you’re a first time mum sometimes you just want to buy things as soon as possible.