My Expert Midwife launches new Hospital Bag Essentials 1 year ago

My Expert Midwife launches new Hospital Bag Essentials

So handy for your hospital bag.

My Expert Midwife the award-winning skincare brand for pregnancy, birth, new mums, and newborns has unveiled its new must-have ‘Labour Duo’, consisting of the Spritz for Labour and Labour Rollerball.

With a combination of essential oils, including frankincense, geranium, and orange, these midwife developed must-have products will help mums-to-be to feel calm, focused and grounded at the end stages of pregnancy, during labour and the transition phase.

The new hospital bag essentials use a blend of pure essential oils. These include frankincense and geranium, known for their calming and grounding properties, and neroli which can help to reduce stress levels in the body, so women can feel more centred and in control.

The spritz also contains orange oil to bring focussed energy, perfect for the later stages of pregnancy and during labour, while the rollerball contains relaxing sandalwood and grapefruit to bring mental focus.

To create a calming environment, Spritz for Labour can be used by mums-to-be alongside hypnobirthing techniques and breathing exercises. It can simply be sprayed onto the skin, pulse points, a tissue or pillow to help ease third trimester anxiety and enhance relaxation during labour.


The pocket sized ready to roll Labour Rollerball can be used on the go at home or in hospital as part of your hospital bag essentials.

Qualified Midwife and Co-Founder of My Expert Midwife, Lesley Gilchrist, commented:

“At My Expert Midwife we want to empower and support women through the physical and emotional side challenges they may face during pregnancy and birth. We know that having a baby can be overwhelming, uncomfortable and at times stressful, especially as labour draws near and the nervous energy kicks in. Created by our team of midwives, both Spritz for Labour and the Labour Rollerball are an essential part of the birthing toolkit, developed to help women feel confident, calm, relaxed and in control in the lead up to and during birth.”

The Labour Duo is now available to purchase from and selected retailers nationwide with an RRP of €28 for a 50ml spray bottle and rollerball.