Féileacáin shares 4 pieces of advice for those dealing with pregnancy & child loss 1 year ago

Féileacáin shares 4 pieces of advice for those dealing with pregnancy & child loss

October is pregnancy and child loss awareness month.

During October, many of us will be remembering the babies that we never got to take home or the children that are no longer with us.

To help grieving parents, Féileacáin, the Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Association of Ireland, have been sharing advice on how to deal with the grief that comes with losing a child.

Step 1 - Keeping their memory alive

Did you have the opportunity to give your baby a name?

Why did you choose that name?

Do you have a favourite picture of them?

All of these things keep our children alive in our hearts.


Step 2 - Associated symbols

Is there any particular symbol, colour, animal etc you associate with your precious baby?

How did this symbol come to be meaningful?

Think of ways that you can incorporate these symbols into your home honouring your baby.

Step 3- Support 

We all know that when your baby dies there can be a lack of support from people you may have considered to be your rock.

For many of us too we will have been completely enveloped in support from expected and unexpected sources.

During October, anniversaries, birthdays, etc.. make sure to get in touch with your support system to help you through the particularly difficult days.

Step 4 - Sharing our greif 

Sometimes one of the most challenging aspects of your baby dying, is a feeling of a lack of understanding that comes from other people.

While it is not the job of a parent who has lost a child to teach empathy to others, the more of us that share our grief the more people will begin to understand how real that grief is and how many parents carry it with them.

For more support and advice in regards to pregnancy and child loss you can visit the Féileacáin website here.