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06th Aug 2018

Five yoga poses to relieve some common pregnancy pains

And breathe...

Denise Curtin

There is nothing worse than experiencing aches and pains.

And when you are pregnant, sometimes it can feel like it is part of the package. Your body is changing at rapid pace and your muscles and ligaments can feel like they are pulling and stretching you in every direction possible.

But discomfort isn’t something you have to grin and bare, there are things you can do to relieve some of the discomfort you are feeling from the comfort of your own sitting room floor. All you got to do is grab a yoga mat or pop on the carpet and follow.

Yoga can be a great pain reliever, especially when you are pregnant and these moves are designed to combat certain areas where pregnancy pain is commonly felt. Success.

*PRE WARNING – you should always check in with your local GP to make sure yoga is OK for you. It is also a good idea to enrol in a class with a trained yoga teacher before attempting anything too strenuous and remember above all, listen to your body, if it hurts, stop immediately. These moves are to relieve stress courtesy of Romper – so take it slow and gently.

Spine and Belly – Cat-Cow

A fantastic position for relieving pain and stretching your abdominal and spinal muscles. Place your hands and knees on the yoga mat and breathe in while pushing your abdomen forward towards the mat and then breathe out while pushing it upwards, curling your spine.

Back – Triangle

For reliving and stretching your back, try the triangle. This pose is great to relieve tension and also helps your legs, knees and ankles. You can check it out below.

Thighs and groin – Butterfly

A fantastic one for getting that inner groin stretch. Remain sitting for this position and take it easy, if you are not used to this position you might find it tough so again, listen to your body, concentrate on your breathing and most importantly, relax.

Hips and thighs – Child’s Pose

A gentle, but great stretch for your thighs, groin and hips .Make sure to spread your knees apart to make room for your abdomen, especially if you have a big bump and be prepared to experiment with different positions for resting your head comfortably. Remember once again to focus on your breathing and stretch your arms.

Legs and spine – Tree

The final pose is the tree. One of the more known yoga poses, the tree pose is about stretching and lengthening out your body while standing on one foot. This pose does require some balance and best to stand near a wall if you need to place one hand on it for support.

Remember to take your time and enjoy it, like everything, it takes a little practice!