Free-spirited, warm and wise: 10 names for your Aquarius baby 3 months ago

Free-spirited, warm and wise: 10 names for your Aquarius baby

About to welcome a little Aquarius baby?

Congrats, mama!

If your baby is due between January 20th and February 18th, you are about to have a little Aquarius on your hands.

Represented by the water-bearer, with fountain and cascade associations, people born under this star sign are known to be free-spirited, warm and wise. They are determined and don’t let stress get to them as much as some other signs may – because they actually enjoy the challenge of working to achieve a goal.

Aquarius's element is air, with its ruling planets being Uranus (the Greek sky God) and Saturn (wise protector), which might explain why Aquarians are often known to be fiercely independent and original. As well as that, astrologers explain, people born under this sign are passionate about fighting for the causes they believe in, thrive on helping others, and love having intellectual conversations — as well as fun — with friends.

Want to pick a moniker that suits your little Aquarian? Here are some fab names to pick from:

1. Azzurro

This Italian name is Aquarian blue

2. Maya


The name Maya can have several meanings — but one of them is derived from the Hebrew mayim, meaning “water.”

3. Erwin

This Old English name means "friend" and will suit your friendly Aquarian perfectly.

4. Frida

Coz it sounds like 'free' – and will suit your free-spirited little girl.

5. Sage

Yes, it's a herb too, but this Old French name also means "wise."

6. Sacha


This gorgeous name literally means “helper of mankind” and we think it fits to a tee.

7. Ciel

A gender-neutral pick (pronounced SEE-el), this moniker is actually the French word for “sky."

Athena was the Greek goddess of wisdom.

9. Alexander

The name Alexander means “defending men,” and as Aquarians are known to stand up for people and causes close to their heart, this moniker will suit perfectly.

10. Nova

Another beautiful Greek option, this moniker means "new, original."