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11th Aug 2015

Gender prediction: 9 fun (and weird) ways to guess what you’re having

Sive O'Brien

Waiting to find out whether you’re having a boy or a girl can be one of the most anticipated (and exciting) parts of pregnancy. In fact, if you’re as impatient as I was, the suspense can be torture at times.

Even if you choose to find out at the 20-week ultrasound, you never REALLY know until the moment your baby is born. But that doesn’t stop people from trying to guess the whole time.

Until the big reveal, here are nine fun, weird and entertaining ways, based on old wive’s tales, to predict your baby’s gender.

1. Carrying a watermelon?

Take a look at the shape of your bump. According to this old wive’s tale, if you look like you’re carrying a watermelon, you’re having a girl. If your bump resembles more of a basketball, you can expect a boy.

2. Highs and lows

If you’re carrying high, get ready for a girl. If your bump is low, you’re carrying a boy. Apparently. This wasn’t the case for me, however.

3. Sick as a dog?

Many women claim their morning sickness was far worse when they were pregnant with a girl than it was when they were expecting a boy.

4. Heart beat

How fast is your baby’s heart beat? Apparently, boys are more likely to have a slower heart rate – under 140 beats per minute – than girls.

5. Sweet or savoury

Some people believe if you are having a girl, you crave sugary treats rather than salty or spicy. (This was definitely the case for me.)

6. Chinese gender chart

The Chinese gender chart is an ancient method that uses your age at conception and the month you conceived, to predict your baby’s gender.

7. Got the glow?

There is a belief that girls steal their mother’s beauty, hence the breakouts and dull hair. If, however, you’ve never looked better, according to this old wive’s tale you’re having a boy.

8. Swing a ring

Again, this isn’t a reliable way to predict your baby’s gender, but it can be fun. Simply tie a wedding ring to a string and hold it over your bump. If it swings in a circle, apparently you’re having a girl. It it goes back and forth, you’re expecting a boy.

9. Toilet time

Peeing on a stick (reliably) informed you that you were pregnant. Now, peeing in a cup will (unreliably) predict your baby’s gender. Using some bicarbonate of soda (and a urine sample), you can try the latest ‘gender predictor’ we’ve stumbled upon. Here’s how.