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21st Oct 2018

Georgia Horsley’s first labour was so ‘easy’ she almost gave birth on the toilet

Jade Hayden

Georgia Horsley’s labour was so “easy,” she almost gave birth on the toilet.

The mum-of-one said that she thought she “needed a poo” when she gave birth to her first child earlier this year.

According to her, the four hour labour was “really quick and easy” even though it “bloody hurt.”

She told The Sun: 

“My waters broke and Cooper was here within four hours which is speedy. It bloody hurt, but doesn’t it with everyone?

Georgia and husband, McFly’s Danny Jones, welcomed Cooper at the beginning this year.

The new mum said that despite the easy birth, she was very unprepared for what was happening.

She said:

“I’ve never had a baby before so I didn’t realise and when we rang the midwife she said when she heard me mooing like a cow she knew I was pushing him out.

“When I actually got to hospital he had arrived in half an hour. So it was rapid.”

Georgia also said that she was unprepared for how she would feel after her baby was born, saying that her emotions were all over the place.

She went on:

“There was one day when I cried just because Danny told me off because I reached over him when he was trying to change Cooper’s nappy.

“I was in floods of tears, I thought the world was ending for the most ridiculous reasons, I’ve definitely had some tears.”

And she’s had some projectile poo too.

A few months back, Georgia shared a photo of herself covered in Cooper’s poo which had seemingly projectiled from the infant while she was changing him.

“Recently Cooper’s decided he really enjoys pooing and being sick in the bath which isn’t fun,” she continued.

“It’s a nightmare because you have to empty it straight away and you’re trying to juggle a wet baby, fish poo out of the bath and keep him happy.”

Danny and Georgia have been married since 2014.

They announced their engagement the year before – after the McFly frontman ended things with former Miss England 2008, Laura Coleman.

Georgia is also a former Miss England and model.