Glenda Gilson's account of morning sickness all seems very familiar 1 year ago

Glenda Gilson's account of morning sickness all seems very familiar

Been there.

One month ago, Glenda Gilson announced that she was pregnant.

The television presenter shared a photo of herself and husband Rob on Instagram, writing:

"Excited to let you know myself & rob are adding to our little family.

"We’re both so happy and feel so blessed that I’m pregnant... hopefully our baby won’t be as hairy as Yazz."

(Yazz is their dog, just by the way.)

Since then, Glenda has won the VIP style award's Look Of The Night, she's gone to the Cannes film festival, and she's had a lot of morning sickness.

Speaking to the RTE Guide, the 36-year-old said that having to interview people at the festival was made very difficult by the sickness.

She said:

“I thought it had but dealing with it in Cannes interviewing Helen Mirren and Jane Fonda was a tough chore.

“The cameraman was such a dote, telling me not to stress about anything but you can’t
say to Jane Fonda you can’t interview her because you’ve morning sickness."

The presenter went on to say that she's been trying to do less travelling so help with the situation while she's been working.

She said:

“Work at the moment is tough because it’s just Cassie and I, but thankfully we’re now three days and not five.

“There’s great material on the show but it’s definitely all go.”

Glenda also said that she and Rob felt like now was the perfect time to get pregnant.

She said that they'd had their "fun" and "nights out" and that they were now ready to start a family.

"Myself and Rob are over the moon. We said we wanted a year to enjoy just being married. That went by so quickly.

“It couldn’t have happened at a better time. We’ve had our fun, we’ve had our nights out, we’ve enjoyed our time together and got ourselves a little dog. We’re just delighted really, really happy.”